I know I’m just a dreamer but I’ve never been to Italy and I’ve always heard about the famous Italian cafes serving up espresso, lattes, and other kinds of caffeinated drinks. I’d LOVE to go.

In my home town I’ve got a really nice cafe that I like visiting, they serve all different kinds of coffee including regular and espresso but they also have a few different types of coffees on the menu that sell for a bit more. One is a French Press and the other is an Italian Moka.

Having talked to the baristas there I’ve learned that the Italian Moka really is what many cafes in Italy serve – not all obviously but many. It’s also the place that espresso was born according to Home Barista!

Although the upsell does cost a bit more I have found myself buying it a lot, probably too much actually so until I can make myself rich and famous or spend some time in Rome I’m thinking I may just buy one of these Moka Pots for myself.

If you’ve ever used one before then you would know that the actual process of making coffee in them is substantially different than making it in a regular coffee maker. Not only is the process different but you need special grind too. Basically the preground coffee you get in the store is not exactly the best stuff to use in a moka pot.

This is actually one of the reasons why I haven’t sprung for the thing because as I said before – I’m not rich or famous. I can’t afford a good coffee grinder. Have you seen the prices? Grinder Expo lists out a bunch of different coffee grinders and all of them are out of my price range. I’m sure they do grind coffee good but I can’t afford that on a student budget.

Another thing that I’m wanting a bit lately is to simplify my morning routine. Filling my water reservoir, although it’s easy, can be a bit of a drag. As I am in a longing sort of mood I’ve found another thing that I want but probably can’t afford for my coffee addiction – a coffee maker with direct water line! How awesome would that be? You know, if I had all the money in the world. 🙂

Of course I can’t afford to go to Italy either and I certainly can’t afford to buy an expensive coffee drink every day either – but I do. 🙁 Ahh well, I’ll just hope for fame and fortune in my near future.

Until then I’ll keep drinking good coffee and maybe, just maybe, I’ll buy some good coffee making equipment.